process plant

The Omnagen Cell

The Omnagen Cell generates sustainable energy by converting oil and gas into industrial chemicals without producing carbon dioxide. This is Clean Carbon Energy. It makes efficient use of the energy in chemical reactions, most of which is wasted by existing chemical processes. It:-

  • Reduces production costs.
  • Reduces climate-related risk.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint.

cell stacks

Omnagen Cells can be connected together to generate vast amounts of electricity.

Individual cells can be assembled into a 3D array of the required size, shape and structure.

This has several major advantages:-

  • There are no seals
  • No moving parts
  • Scalable, from the size of a matchbox to a house
  • Allows a huge range of flow rates

Omnagen has been granted US and European patents for how these cells may be designed and made.


If you'd like to discover more about the Omnagen Cell, please contact Ken Omersa; phone and email details are provided here.

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industrial emissions

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sustainable energy

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