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A London conference, which coincided with 9/11, provided the inspiration for the founding of this company, whose objective is to commercialise fuel cells.

Omnagen Ltd was founded in 2002, and for those who are curious, it was named after the two founders - Omersa Nash Generation.

Ken OmersaThere are two directors, Ken Omersa (pictured) and John Nash, both graduates of Cambridge University. Ken is a Chemist and a Materials Scientist, and John's expertise is in Engineering and Materials Science.

By 2006 the position was that fuels cells running on hydrogen were very desirable, but relied on a hydrogen infrastructure which would take a long time to develop. Other types of fuel cell just seemed to be too complex, expensive or unreliable. It was clear that a different approach was needed.

We looked at how fuel cell systems might be made much less expensive, simpler, and more reliable, and identified the manufacture of large-scale industrial chemicals as the perfect application. Several of these are made by extremely wasteful processes, with high emissions, and are obvious targets for a more environmentally-friendly approach.